Don’t Be A Drag

(Page Street YA, Spring 2024)

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Publisher’s Weekly Announcement: Tamara Grasty at Page Street YA has bought Don’t Be A Drag by Skye Quinlan (Forward March), a sapphic YA contemporary about depressed teen Briar Vincent who, while spending the summer in NYC with her drag queen older brother, accidentally stirs up trouble by entering an annual drag king competition and kicking off a rivalry with overconfident (and unfairly attractive) performer Spencer Read. Now, she must become Edgar Allan Foe, take home the crown for Drag King of the Year, and battle her inner demons while avoiding falling for her enemy. Publication is slated for 2024; Moe Ferrara at Bookends Literary Agency did the deal for world English rights.

Trigger Warnings: alcohol, anxiety, blood, body dysmorphia, cancer (past, off-page), cursing, death due to AIDS (past, off page), depression, eating disorders, homophobia (past, off-page), intrusive thoughts, mental illness, mention of queer characters’ deaths (past, off-page), nonconsentual touching (hair and arms), panic disorder, panic attacks, planned suicide attempt (past, off-page), suicidal ideation, suicidal thoughts, suicide (past, off-page), and vomiting.